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Observing the call for security solutions related to removable media mounting to networks. Squadra Technologies (US) developed secRMM. Removable media mounting to an internal network through the USB is a major security gap especially considering the widespread use of smart phones and other removable media devices (such as USB thumb drives, external hard drives, CD/DVD, tablets, etc.) within the workplace. Therefore, it has become vital for those holding sensitive information within their network to take pre-emptive measures to secure removable media. This response for measures to protect sensitive information is not only out of a desire to safeguard an organization’s own vitally important assets but also to facilitate requirements dictated by increased government regulations.

secRMM provides organizations the perfect tool to securely manage assets while at the same time allowing for growing workforce expectations around the mobility of data. Through secRMM’s simple authorization modules an organization can control the who, what, where, when, and how of data written from the network to removable media. Not only does secRMM protect against data transfer to classic USB (thumb drives) it also protects against transfer to any removable media (storage) device including encrypted devices and mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).

secRMM captures the complete path of the source file being copied onto any removable media device. This function allows for a system administrator to have the knowledge of the exact file that has been written and where it came from. The capturing of the source file is not limited to actual allowed data transfers but also includes failed data transfer attempts. secRMM logs failed data transfer attempts through the USB, providing the who, what, where, when and how of the attempt. This additional information allows for the ability to identify malicious activity before an actual breach has occurred.

Lastly, no additional framework is required. secRMM installs to workstations and servers without the need for a separate server, database, web server or console. secRMM is tightly integrated with the Microsoft System Center suite of products. This allows a system administrator to set up alerts, notifications, tasks, reports, and can optionally generate SNMP traps, among other desirable capabilities.


  1. Detailed auditing/monitoring of file copy operations to all removable storage devices including mobile (smart phones and tablet) and classic USB (thumb drives).
  2. Logs failed and successful file copy operations providing the who, what, where, when and how.
  3. Flexible authorization policies/rules preventing file copy operations.
  4. Captures the complete source file path copied onto storage devices.
  5. Seamlessly works with hardware/software encryption technologies.
  6. Simple deployment: No additional framework required.
  7. Central Management, monitoring and reporting using Microsoft System Center and/or secRMMCentral.

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