About Us

The business environment in India is complex and filled with competing requirements, interests and incentives that must be balanced and managed effectively to ensure the achievement of key organizational objectives. The safety, security and resilience of these organizations are threatened by an array of hazards, including acts of terrorism, malicious activity in cyberspace, pandemics, man-made accidents, transnational crime and natural disasters. At the same time, risks associated with workforce management, acquisitions, operations and project costs must also be managed.

Security India helps manage these external and internal risks, that have the potential to cause loss of life and assets, injuries, negative psycho-social impact, loss of economic activity, reduction of ability to perform essential functions and help enhance the confidence of workforce in the management capabilities.

Leadership Team

Director - Risk Consulting

Director – Risk Consulting

Maj (Retd) Saurabh Srivastava is a second generation Entrepreneur, an ex-army officer from the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers of the Indian Army and a seasoned Risk Consultant. An engineer at heart and an excellent analyst with deep problem solving skills, he is at the center of Security India and has remained at the forefront of assisting organizations across various segments and geographies with simplistic, holistic and cost efficient solutions to identify and mitigate a myriad of security and IT related risks.

His competency lies in securing, designing and managing of large team based complex projects. His use of ingenuity combined with expertise helps suggest and recommend implementable solutions to match clients need. He believes in the fact that every risk requires a unique solution and works diligently in providing a customised solution to mitigate the risk.



Director - BFSI & IT Services

Director – BFSI & IT Services

Jyoti Sahai is an engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, and has nearly four decades of experience in banking and IT industries. His fascination and great passion for numbers and data culminated in him founding Kavaii Business Analytics India through which he offers business analytics solutions that provide actionable insights by way of KPIs and dashboards to key decision makers across diverse verticals.

During his long career, Jyoti has worked with leading multi-national banks and IT services companies such as Bank of India, Tata Consultancy Services, Deutsche Software India (DSI), Birla Horizons International Ltd., IBM Global Services India, vMoksha Technologies and Integra Micro Software Services.

His competency lies in Banking and Finance with extensive expertise in business analytics, developing performance dashboards, project management for delivery of software projects, process improvement and ERM.



Director - Security Risk Management

Director – Security Risk Management

Col (Retd) Dhara Chinnappa is a professional security and crisis leader with an impeccable record in the Indian Army spanning across 26 years in the most demanding conditions and inhospitable terrains. He has proved himself in various levels of leadership and has a deep understanding of people and their psychology.

The expertise he gained in the army was put to good use at a multinational organization having its India headquarters in Bengaluru, for over 12 years, where he ensured creation and compliance of a multi-level security protection framework for business, people assets, facility and an exhaustive supply chain channel. He is well-versed and conversant with the needs and requirements of the changing facets of organizational security and the latest challenges confronted by security professionals and organizations alike.

His competency lies in crisis management and problem solving where he relies on using a methodological, process driven and systematic approach to design and deliver tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.