Safety and Security Training


One of the best ways to ensure that employees do not make costly errors in respect of personal safety, loss of assets and information is by inculcating a safety and security culture with them that is line with the overall organizational objectives. The same can be done by instituting company-wide security-awareness training initiatives that include, but are not limited to classroom style training sessions, security awareness e-posters and live case studies from across the globe. These methods can help ensure employees have a sound understanding of the company security policy, procedure and best practices and also help them prepare against the unexpected, simply because of greater awareness.

Educating the employees will not only help them to recognise possible risks and vulnerabilities but also help the organisation as a whole to identify and mitigate new threats through the feedback received from an alert workforce. Security India brings an array of simplistic and easy to comprehend safety and security awareness training modules including personnel self-defence training to help enhance the overall security efficacy of the organization. The same also helps in ensuring Business Continuity and helps to focus on KRAs and KPIs while remaining free from one of the most vital support structures for the organizations longevity.

Our safety and security training services includes –

  • Business Continuity Planning and Training
  • Personnel Self-Defence Training
  • Safety and Security Awareness Training
  • Fire Safety Audits and Training