(Geo-Political Risk Management and Intelligence Advisory)


Companies are drawn to expand into international markets in search of lower costs, newer opportunities and access to resources. However, upon physical arrival on site, they often find that the politics of foreign environments adds risk and complexity to business performance. Thus, the question arises on how best to manage these risks. Risk managers, chief financial officers and international division heads, frequently quote the complexity to obtain and evaluate the information that would enable them to assess geo-political risk. Moreover, funding for specific risk management techniques (e.g., risk mapping) is often found lacking within their organizations because the benefits are not well understood. As a result, most stakeholders are not receiving timely and accurate information needed to make good decisions about international exposures—or, conversely, information was not effectively communicated and utilized to manage risk in the field. Executives of global companies are clearly challenged regarding how best to assess geo-political risks, factor it into their investment decisions and use the knowledge to help improve global business performance.

Security India team’s vast experience in the field, states two basic ways through which managing geo-political risk improves global business performance:

  • By protecting new and existing global investments and operations
  • By capitalizing on opportunities resulting from geo-political strategy / governance changes

Thus, understanding geo-political risk can help organizations avoid costly investment mistakes and allow them to take advantage of opportunities that they might not otherwise recognize.

Continuing with the same philosophy, our team at Security India helps you keep abreast with day to day events, incidents and political changes that may affect your business performance. Our services include –

  • India Risk Review
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Forecast
  • Travel Advisories
  • Special / Event Based Advisories
  • SMS / WhatsApp / E-mail Based Alerts
  • Research On Demand
  • Post-Incident Analysis
  • Educative Mailer Series