Supply Chain Management and Loss Prevention


Outsourcing, Lean Manufacturing, JIT Inventory, are some of the best business strategies in the world that help in minimizing costs and help organizations focus on other core competencies. However, these strategies stretch one critical area – supply chain – to its breaking point. Significant supply chain disruptions can reduce an organizations’ revenue, affect market shares, inflate costs and threaten production or distribution. Such disruptions also damage an organizations’ credibility with investors and stakeholders.

Though many organizations accept this as a part of the operations, some try to mitigate these by taking up large insurances. The question thus arises, whether insurance helps –

  • You retain customers that impatiently turn to other suppliers during a crisis
  • In replacing loss of employees, management time or reputation

The answer is obviously, a big ‘NO’. We at Security India thus endeavour to help and provide organizations in identifying, understanding and mitigating supply chain related risks. Our Supply Chain Management and Loss Prevention services include –

  • Supply Chain Security Management
  • Security of Logistics
  • Loss Prevention
  • Asset Management through CBRM
  • Supplier Communications Risk Mitigation
  • Transportation Risk Mitigation